Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with UCU and a good starting place is to contact your local branch. You may be willing to stand a representative for your workplace or for staff on casualised contracts across the  branch but if you don’t feel ready for that there are still ways to be involved. Many branches welcome additional contacts in particular workplaces or for particular groups of staff and members on casualised contracts are vital to branches when they are campaigning and negotiation against casualisation. Putting up posters, distributing leaflets and talking to colleagues about the union are also all valuable ways to help the branch and to get involved.

You can also link up with members in other branches through our range of activist email lists which are detailed here: (you will need to have your membership number to hand to sign into the secure part of our website). There is a dedicated list for members on casualised contracts which you can join by filling in the form and ticking the relevant box.