Comment & Discussion

We haven’t enabled comments on this blog simply because we are volunteers who are working on casualised contracts ourselves, so we don’t have time to moderate them properly. HOWEVER there is plenty of scope for discussion via the Twitter feed and via the Anti-Cas Email Network.

To join the new UCU Anti-Casualisation E-mail Network 

 – a note from Ronnie Kershaw, National Organiser

This new e-group merges UCU’s former hourly-paid and researchers’ networks. It is a forum where members that are hourly-paid, on a fixed-term contract or other form of casualised employment can share ideas and information, network and discuss the issues that matter to you. Also, campaigning experiences can be shared in order to strengthen our push for improvements. UCU’s Anti-Casualisation Committee will use this network to keep in touch with you and send you relevant news. UCU staff will also be available to provide updates and campaign support.

As with all UCU forums we try to make them self-policing as far as possible. We ask group members to please be civil to each other, don’t post too often and at too great length and above all afford each others’ views respect. Please click on “reply to all” when responding to a posting and change the subject heading if necessary.

To join the network (UCU members only) go to: and complete the request form.