The Absurdities of the (Precarious) Academy

by Anonymous 


It can be argued that bureaucratic systems may sometimes be justifiable if they make life simpler, easier, and more straightforward. However, they rarely seem to, and usually have the exact opposite effect: being an obstruction to getting anything done and making life unnecessarily more complicated than it needs to be; harder, and more difficult, the only purpose served being the reproduction of the bureaucratic system.

This is felt most keenly by short-term, precarious members of staff who rely on being paid on time much more than most…however, this is not something they can expect when their university uses a Cisco ‘self-service’ online pay claim system, which is so difficult to use, that the university has to resort to ‘offering’ ‘training’ to casual staff so that they can make some sense of how to use it.

The individualization of something you have absolutely no control over at all, and the shifting of responsibility on to the employee, is an issue I have raised repeatedly with management, however, I find that I am simply ignored with the stock response that I ‘must use it’, and if ‘you miss the arbitrary cut off date, there is no guarantee you’ll be paid on time’ – or even near the date due for that matter…